Monday 19 October 2020

October Roundup

 Last time I posted I was working on an old decrepit post and rusty chain. That is now complete and I must say working on those old relics didn't disappoint. Add a little feathered friend.....bliss!

Because often completing these pieces in pencil take so long I am conscious of my  drawing practice slipping. Just a reasonably quick sketch freehand to keep the practice going is a relaxing thing to do. There is no easy way to improvement other than practicing regularly and just doing it I am afraid!
A few from my small sketchbook.....

I promise myself I will try humans one day but I am afraid the natural world always wins.
My current project is a work of heART  for someone special. There were so many elements that I wanted to include so its taking a while.
My reference photo is from wonderful photographer Gary Clift and I am so thrilled that he came to my rescue with an amazing photo.
Here are some progress shots of my work.....Yellow tailed black cockatoo! 

And currently up to pleased with how the pine cones are coming along.

So folks that's the state of the world around here. My art practice and my needlework have been a soothing balm to the craziness in the world at present....I feel so blessed to have it to escape too.
Take care and stay well. 
Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Beautiful work as always... I love seeing how they develop....

  2. Bewutiful, beautiful work Michelle, your sketching is amazing and that cockatoo is stunning, it looks like it is watching you as you work on the pinecones!!

  3. As always your work is amazing. Just feel as if I could reach out and touch so beautiful. How proud you must feel. Well done. x

  4. Lovely to see you taking time with your works. And always good to see your progress. Lovely pieces.


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