Sunday, 9 December 2018


After the completion and collection of my Sacred Lotus Pond piece I have been taking a little break.......apart from a few festive journal scribbles....after such a detailed realistic piece it is rather freeing just to draw some fun things from my imagination.

And a little bit of practice with my pencil never goes a stray....Fox and Fungi. Graphite was what I orginally went to classes to improve and then coloured pencils Polychromos to be exact grabbed my attention and haven't let go. It is very nice to just play with paper and a pencil. I keep promising myself some time with a graphite pencil....maybe 2019 lol!
My new project has come to me from several photos shared with me from a friend to use how I wish.
So thats what I have been playing around with.....getting a few lines down on paper.....taking inspiration from both photos. To and froing......discarding, redrawing.....yes? no? etc. But I think I may be almost there.
I have a little more tweaking to do and then I will transfer my rough sketch to my beautiful Fabriano paper to hopefully bring it to life with lovely pencils and DETAILS!
You probably can't see much but evidence that a newbie is on its way nonetheless!
I'm really excited to get moving now!
Wishing and hoping that you are getting to the heart of what matters.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

A Finish and Playing in the Woods

Hello all. I have been working very hard to finish the Sacred Lotus Pond piece that I have been working on.....
Mainly because a lovely lady saw me working on it at Creative Connection exhibition, loved  it and asked could it be hers when it was completed.
So here it is ready to go to its new owner.....
It is a big commitment to purchase art and I for one feel very honoured that someone loved my work enough to do that. I have loved every pencil mark laid down on this piece.....I do have another piece in mind from this same spot.....but a bit later!

As you know I love to draw critters that are suitable for stitching or card making. I have for a while had a hankering to draw some Woodland Critters and of course I just know that they love to celebrate Christmas lol!
This all started in my art journal with these two cuties...
And quickly developed in lots of little drawings.....
A sneak peek.
I know here in Australia that bunnies and foxes are considered pests but in their countries of origin not so much.....hence the Woodland I am indulging in drawing them. Will post more when I have a few more critters to add.
Ok thats me done....
However you make art......embrace it, love it, DO IT!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Monday, 12 November 2018

Queensland Wildlife Artist's Society Exhibition

A favourite on my calendar happened from Thursday through to yesterday at Mt Cootha Botanical Gardens Auditorium.....the annual exhibition of the Queensland Wildlife Artist's Society.
The exhibition set up looked wonderful.
Beautiful blooms graced the art displays....the creative work of Twisted Willow Floristry.

They also added something special to our tea tables and pretty teacups.

These were my contributions to the exhibition. My first Sacred Lotus piece greeted you at the front door.....
 My favourite Aussies....
 Creating this piece gave me great joy. Inspiration? Rusty gate from Lightning Ridge....Kookaburra from Carnarvon Gorge.......skink and post....imagination.
I had a very nice time......did lots of drawing. Met lots of wonderful, and complimentary folk and got to talk art and more art....perfect!
So feeling very inspired and a very happy back to real life *sigh*
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Sunday, 4 November 2018

Creative Connections

This past weekend I spent at Mt Cootha Botanical Gardens Auditorium for and exhibition with some other arty friends. The weekend was organised by our talented mentor and teacher Sandra Temple.
We were so pleased at how lovely everything looked......lots of beautiful

Books, calendars.....

Some stitching and drawing......

Several of us enjoyed demonstrating our craft.....friend Alan working with Pastel Pencils surrounded by his beautiful linocut works!
I worked away on my Sacred Lotus project...
Couldn't help but pop out and snap some more inspiration from this pond for future works.......can you see that teeny froggy on the Lotus flower....
And didn't the native bees just love this bloom....
I am a very weary scribbler but a happy one......I got to have lovely conversations with like minded folk enjoying our work and time spend with friends is always a joy!
An early morning walk yesterday through the gardens was also such a treat.
Next week I get to do it all again as the Queensland Wildlife Artist's Society Exhibition will be taking place from 1pm Thursday until Sunday afternoon. I shall be there on Saturday for some demonstrating. It is always a beautiful exhibition so if you are around treat yourself......
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Friday, 19 October 2018

Encouraging the Young

Last evening I went along to my Grandchildrens school to help them celebrate their Art Fair.....highlighting all streams of the arts. I didn't get too many photos as I was very busy demonstrating my pencils to lots of enthusiastic fellow budding artists.
Loved these gorgeous did the Grandies. Each child in the school coloured a feather to make the wings.....beautiful!

The whole school had made beautiful works of art which their family could purchase to help fund raise for the was gorgeous to see how proud they all were of their beautiful art pieces. My Granddaughter's Picasso inspired self portrait.
Sculpture of  his spirirt animal the Bat by my Grandson. He had written a lovely piece explaining why he feels it kids imagination!

Music, singing, sculpture, painting, drawing, collage, indigenous art and dancing all were highlighted. My Daughter a teacher at the school held 2 ballet workshops....the Butterfly Ballet class was very popular and soooo sweet!
My beautiful Granddaughter popped by to make sure I was doing ok with my demonstrating lol!

It was a wonderful event and highlighted to me how VERY IMPORTANT art is to young it delights them and makes them stand taller to have created something to share with the world. They are so interested in all aspects of art. So WHY OH WHY the powers that be have reduced our childrens exposure to it in schools is beyond my comprehension! I almost had no voice from talking to and engaging with very interested children of all ages. Huge congratulations  to Runcorn State School for showcasing and encouraging ART! Their inspiration. ......
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Whats on My Board

Several projects have been competing for my attention.  The first was another pretty pink moved along like this.
And finished like this.
It was very interesting to draw....I loved it's imperfections.
My current project is another inspiration from the Lotus pond at Mt Cootha Botanical Gardens. Hopefully this time a little dragonfly will be eventually be the star.
Here are some progress shots....

And currently I am here....
I find it amazing that one little pond is keeping my interest....I am sure there will be more from here. I am having a lovely time with this piece.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Friday, 28 September 2018

Box of Delight

Do you have a little collection that quietly makes your heart sing? Mine is contained in this box.....a gift from a dear friend.
After some lovely mail recently I thought I would like to share it's contents  with you.......
You see I love to collect Art Cards......little images of art that give me joy. Some I have collected on purpose, others have come to me from friends.
I was delighted to receive these in the mail from my friend SUE
Two of my favourite things.....birds and art! They are so delightful! I love them.
These cards are from exhibitions or galleries....

These are clever artist friends work.
These I was lucky enough to have signed by the artist....
I have lovely friends like Sue who gift me gorgeous art cards such as these....which are just a few.
Wildlife art cards always catch my eye.
As does a postcard or two from friends.
Some I love because of the different techniques used to make them.....linocut, cutwork and patchwork.
Amongst these favourites are themes I love like....Ann of Green Gables from Prince Edward Island in Canada......
And Beatrix Potter and Hexies.....all the way from England.
I love to look through them and they are not ever forgotten.....a simple and inspirational joy. As well as admiration for the artists too.
I hope you enjoyed my little box of treasures.
Some new progress photos next time.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx