Saturday, 10 February 2018

Planning and Preparation

I have worked a lot this past week on current and new projects.

"Beyond the Garden Gate " is  almost completed. A few small additions will see it done. I am much happier with its outcome and I learnt much more on my Pan Pastel applications for backgrounds.
Two new projects have emerged....Australian Pacific Black Duck in reeds. I must be completely crazy for wanting to work on those this is the beginning!
I espied quite a few of these ducklings near the railway station in Castlemaine Victoria. This was the only one that would pose for a photo for me.
My other project is one I wanted to start,  so that I have something to work on by way of demonstration at the upcoming Queensland Wildlife Artist's Society Exhibition being held at my local art gallery.
I am still working on the composition but it is coming along.
As you can see the pencils have been flying about this past week.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Garden Gate is a lovely picture, and I can't wait to see the duck emerge. Always did love a duck lol. And always love to see your work Michelle. xo

  2. Your magpies are looking great - but I will never love the birds as you do, so sinister! Anyway, two great new projects that I am looking forward to seeing progress. xx

  3. Lovely work on each piece. So fascinating to see the different stages.

  4. Just lovely Michelle and its so good seeing how you develop your pictures...

  5. Wonderful to see your progress Michelle, love the magpies and the duck, do I spy a kookaburra there??


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