Saturday, 9 June 2018

Journal Pages

Of late I have enjoyed detouring from the "realistic" and created from my imagination, some of my pages are old sketches rendered new again.
How I admire those beautifully balanced pages in art journals I see....yours truly?
Gets carried away and makes a hodge podge of ideas.....but I am ok with that.
After all we can do that because it is OUR journal and as a wise woman I know once imparted.....there are no mistakes and you can't do it wrong!
Do you journal everyday or do you have mini explosions of journaling or sketching like I do.....even though I love my realistic art, I cannot leave this kind of drawing alone for too long....I suspect because there are no rules! Lol!
Thank you for your lovely comments in my previous post.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Oh I love the owl Michelle! Wish I could find time to draw every day - I know I should. xx

  2. Poor Queen Victoria, she didn't know what she was missing! Your journals are a work of art in themselves Michelle - look forward to seeing them some day.

  3. Love those pictures ..... a great way to relax journalling....

  4. I think the whole point is to enjoy what you are doing and not worry about it looking like the work of someone else.
    Love what you do!

  5. Beautiful drawings Michelle, a journal is yours and your time to do what pleases you.


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