Friday, 19 January 2018

Kakadu Kingfisher

After lots and lots of work on the Pandanus leaves my sweet little Azure Kingfisher is finished. This piece will always be a beautiful memory of our sunrise cruise on Yellow Water Billabong in Kakadu National Park. A magical morning!
I really learnt such a lot on this piece....pushing things back and highlighting things to bring them forward. I crazily enjoyed the process so much I have drawn a lovely duck in reeds I photographed in Castlemaine Victoria....piccies later! Anyway......"Kakadu Kingfisher "
"Beyond the Garden Gate" is taking shape and is in what I call the 'ugly' stage. I am experimenting with a faded background scene using Pan Pastels with coloured pencils over the top of some of it for detail......had to seek advice for all that I can tell you.......trying to extend yourself can often be challenging but worth it later.
So the jury is still out whether this one will work or not. But trying hard not to be too precious and document the journey warts and all!
At least the composition is looking better! The Magpies outside my door at present are singing away....hope they aren't laughing too hard lol!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Your kingfisher is just delightful and the pandanus to life like.... I do like how the maggies are coming along... that mountain in the back really does fade away....

  2. Ooh, garden gate is coming along beautifully. As for the kingfisher, just gorgeous. As a duck lover, I can only say: Show me the DUCK! xxx

  3. Lovely Kingfisher in the Pandanus Grass. I recall seeing them too when we visited Kakadu.
    I like the Magpies on the gate too ..

  4. The Kingfisher pic is amazing! I have zoomed in on the leaves, what a lot of work and I love that you have included all the little chewed and dead bits too. xx

  5. The kingfisher looks fantastic as do the magpies on the garden gate. Very interesting to see the in progress photos.

  6. It is a lovely finish. I admire your patience and dedication.

  7. Your kingfisher is adorable Michelle - I just love him! Looking forward to seeing your Garden Gate grow as well.


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