Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Exhibition Time

The Queensland Wildlife Artist's Society has been  granted an annual exhibition now at the Logan Art Gallery. The exhibition opens on Friday night and it will run until the 28th April.....PLEASE NOTE the Gallery is closed Sundays and Mondays!

I will be there for a chat and some demonstrating at different times throughout the exhibition. I have 2 pieces in the exhibition.
"Heir Apparent "
And "On a Clear Day"
I am really pleased with how they look all framed up now.
So if you love art and wildlife pop by for a visit......you will enjoy seeing it.
On a current note, my dear duck is challenging me in all kinds of ways. The creek water......oh boy! I have not attempted water before....except raindrops which are different. Thank goodness I have a wonderful mentor in Sandra to urge me on and advise me.....progress this week....
Well at least I am practising being patient and working the grey cells with this piece.
Are you someone who says....someday I am going to try that! Well......
If you ever wanted to be creative......DO NOT WAIT.......begin now! SOMEDAY has arrived! 
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 


  1. beautiful work my friend xx

  2. I have heard water is so hard to do... I can see ducks reflection there..... lovely pictures and I hope the exhibition goes well... not sure we will manage to get to it.... though I would love to of course


  3. Love your Art. Hope you enjoy the Art show.

  4. Your art is amazing. Enjoy the show. ๐Ÿ˜

  5. Congratulations on being included in the Art Show Michelle. Your works are beautiful and of course I am very taken with the pink cockatoos! dd

  6. Enjoy the art show Michelle, loving the duck picture! Wish I could come and see it in real life.

  7. You seem to have captured the reflection in the water well. Good luck with the exhibition. xx

  8. Great items to have in the display. Good luck. Hope it goes really well!

  9. Oh maybe I can go in April when I am up ......


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