Friday, 19 October 2018

Encouraging the Young

Last evening I went along to my Grandchildrens school to help them celebrate their Art Fair.....highlighting all streams of the arts. I didn't get too many photos as I was very busy demonstrating my pencils to lots of enthusiastic fellow budding artists.
Loved these gorgeous did the Grandies. Each child in the school coloured a feather to make the wings.....beautiful!

The whole school had made beautiful works of art which their family could purchase to help fund raise for the was gorgeous to see how proud they all were of their beautiful art pieces. My Granddaughter's Picasso inspired self portrait.
Sculpture of  his spirirt animal the Bat by my Grandson. He had written a lovely piece explaining why he feels it kids imagination!

Music, singing, sculpture, painting, drawing, collage, indigenous art and dancing all were highlighted. My Daughter a teacher at the school held 2 ballet workshops....the Butterfly Ballet class was very popular and soooo sweet!
My beautiful Granddaughter popped by to make sure I was doing ok with my demonstrating lol!

It was a wonderful event and highlighted to me how VERY IMPORTANT art is to young it delights them and makes them stand taller to have created something to share with the world. They are so interested in all aspects of art. So WHY OH WHY the powers that be have reduced our childrens exposure to it in schools is beyond my comprehension! I almost had no voice from talking to and engaging with very interested children of all ages. Huge congratulations  to Runcorn State School for showcasing and encouraging ART! Their inspiration. ......
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. what a lovely event to support... and of course encourage your budding artists (take after you!!)

  2. Lovely to see your GCs lovely art.

  3. Beautiful post Michelle, so nice to see art being encouraged with the young. .something that can stay with them for their life time. Love the angel wings.

  4. How wonderful. You must be so proud Grandma. It made me feel all fuzzy...💕💕

  5. What a great event - love the 'Picasso'! xx

  6. That is a delightful thing to see. What a great evening.

  7. Oh yes, children need this so much - how cool that you were able to spend time with them all, encouraging and listening :-) Lovely to see your gorgeous grandies.


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